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The Haunted House

My mother and I lived in this very strange house. The old mansion was built sometime around 1930 and thus had a lot of history attached to it. Different people said different things about the place from the usual to the weird.

When we first moved in there a couple of years ago, we did not pay much heed to the strange noises or slightly bizarre things happening as we were just too busy settling in and considered the activities as normal for a new place.

It all started with unnoticeable things like closet doors opening on their own. Because our old refrigerator made a strange noise, we considered every sound in the house to be that.

After that it was the hushed voices talking to each other, just low tones but nothing vicious. However, it started to shoot up soon. As we got up one morning, we saw all the kitchen cabinets wide open. At other times, we have noticed the electric kettle switched on on its own despite being a manual equipment that has to be turned on by pressing the button firmly for a couple of seconds.

One evening, as we came back from the market, we heard two old ladies talking to each other in a hushed tone. At first we thought the radio was on and went to shut it down but it was already switched off.

Although it may scare the shit out of most of us but we kind of liked our ghosts as they never did us any harm. The old ladies stayed with us until we left the place a couple of years later and kept opening and closing the kitchen cabinets as and when they liked.

For those of you who do not believe me, may you have a similar kind of experience sometime soon in the future.